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Real Time Power Factor Correction Panel

Smart Logic based Real Time PFC (RTPFC) is a direct replacement of the traditional APFC using contactor based logics with the advantages of smart switching technology. Like an APFC, the primary function of the  RT- PFC is reactive compensation.

• Synchronous Rotating Frame Principal for best performance
• Ultra fast compensation
• Proven performance on welding
• Fast 32 bit digital signal processor
• Selective Harmonic compensation
• Step-less Reactive Power Compensation
• Negative Sequence Compensation (load balancing)
• Zero Sequence Compensation (neutral compensation)
• 15 possible priority Selection settings for maximum flexibility
• Smart auto foldback to avoid over loading of filter
• 7’’ touch screen display
• Ethernet based remote monitoring
• Ethernet based remote monitoring
• Internal CAN Communication
• Closed Loop & Open Loop operation
• Operator Activity Log
• >1,00,000 time stamped events can be logged in internal NAND memory

Benefits :

• Performance of Active with cost effectiveness of passive
• Performance of Active with cost effectiveness of passive
• Compliance with prescribed harmonic limits - No penalty
• Unity Power Factor - higher savings
• Reduced energy (kVAh) charges - higher savings
• Reduced peak demand charges - higher savings
• Reduced fuel consumption in generators - higher savings
• Ultra fast compensation - effective with fast fluctuating load
• Proven performance on welding
• Optimum capacity utilization of electrical infrastructure
• Optimum capacity utilization of backup generators
• Reduced risk of transformer failure - higher uptime
• Reduced risk of equipment failure - higher uptime
• Increased operational reliability - higher uptime
• Compact footprint