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Majority of the low voltage industrial loads are inductive in nature thereby consuming both active & reactive power. This reactive power needs to be reduced and managed by providing power compensation. 

Features of APFC Panels :

• Designed with the concept of modularity which upgrading of KVAR rating as and when required.

• Current limiting contractors are used which are specially designed for capacitor switch.

• Advanced microprocessor based relay used to ensure real time power factor correction in the installation.

• Specifically design, user friendly, dust & Vermin proof modules, Flush mounted meters to indicates line voltage & current.

• Provision of incomer cable form to bottom enables you to install the panel in existing panel room without the requirement of civil tranches.

Benefits :

• Automatically switch ON or OF relevant capacitor steps to ensure consistent power factor.

• Easiness in operation, very low manual intervention.

• Reduce losses & lower energy consumption.

• Modular design ensures easy handing.

• Avoid power factor penalty.